Seeking God's Righteousness

by Diane M. Neumann


Book Details

Becoming More Intimate with God

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you” are Jesus’ words to those who choose to follow Him. The book explores how one seeks His righteousness in the midst of a world culture view that inhibits this seeking. Without an active and alive spirit within each individual, humanity simply uses their own experiences and what is seen in the earthly realm to understand life, cycles, the universe, and death. Within these writings is an understanding of how our souls are formed and influenced at an early age. Using stories within the Bible and the example of Jesus Christ’s life, the author demonstrates how to overcome the world’s influence. Jesus himself showed us as he walked this earth how to overcome the temptations that we face and how important faith, hope and love are to us. Examples of this process are defined within the book. In a narrative manner, the book equips one to experience a deeper relationship with God and allow the Holy Spirit to work within you to be all you were created to be.


About the Author

Diane M. Neumann

Diane is a retired educator, having worked in grades 1-14. She served as a teacher, counselor, administrator and staff developer. Diane is a certified minister under the authority of Church Growth International of the Americas, Inc. In ministry she served sixteen years as a spiritual mentor working with men and women seeking a Christian solution to addictions. She has also taught adult Sunday school and served on a mission trip to Bahamas with World for Jesus.