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Through joy, sadness and pain, those were the ones who inspired me.

I saw the Devil in a dream
At me he began to scream,
He said with him I made a pact
And now he wants me back.
He wants me as he had once before
When I was sinful and in a constant war,
I told him the road I walked as been repaved I am now saved.
The Devil wants me to hurt and to sin
As he tempts and tricks all women and men,
I told him when I was used and also hurt
God was there, he forgave and didn’t desert.
The Devil wanted me to live on yesterday
Where my pain and hurt always did lay,
Where love and peace was always doubted
The Devil just shouted.
I told the Devil with truth and much concern
I placed those worries on a boat which I did burn,
Of yesterday I have forgot and I have forgave
No longer am I the Devil’s slave.
—Randy L. McClave


About the Author

Randy L. McClave

I was born in Ashland KY, I am an identical twin, I started writing poetry when I was 14, I have 8 books published. I am a retired Steelworker and a current Boxing coach. I travel the world where I enjoy to know and learn of new ideas, thoughts and foods. And I enjoy to write.