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Know Thyself: With Purpose and Intent

Everyone has a story to tell, and everyone’s story is worth telling. The key is to find a way to tell your story with purpose and intent. I started writing this book in the fall of 1998 and did not complete it until the summer of 2023. I began to write because I felt my life experience was worth writing about. What I did not know is that in the years to come my mother would commit suicide, I would fall into alcohol addiction, set myself on fire, and be an ambulance ride away from dying after being stabbed six times with a seven-inch boning knife. Nor did I realize that writing a book would help me survive. I wrote about what I had lived while I was living it. Tell your story as a reminder of how to live each day. At any given time, you can publish a book, if that is what you endeavor. But whatever you do, tell your story as only you can, in accordance with your individual gifts and genius. Tell your story for inspiration in order to live life more abundantly. Who knows. It may even inspire others to do the same.


About the Author

C. Richard Bell

C. Richard Bell was born and raised in Los Angeles. He has spent most of his adult life as a cook working in various restaurants. After being attacked at work by an employee, he decided to pursue his education and received a Bachelor of Science degree in 2016. He currently lives and works in San Francisco and is the father of two sons and six grandchildren.

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