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Poems From The Heart

Poems from the Heart is an honest, sincere, and deeply touching collection of poems that chronicle the important events and special times in one man’s life.

Author Marc Wambolt wrote his first poem as an addendum to his daughter’s high school yearbook, and he’s been writing ever since.

Whether it’s to celebrate the birth of a grandchild, to honor his parents, or to share his hopes for the future, Wambolt conveys a unique perspective of life with heartfelt emotion and startling insight.


Book Excerpt

Surprise, surprise, we got the news
We all stood there and cried
But they were tears of happiness
Of tenderness and pride
I never thought I'd hear those words
But it was worth the wait
I'm circling the calendar now
For a very special date
A little baby is on its way
To come into this world
Grandpa says a little boy
Grandma thinks a girl
Whatever is in store for us
No matter pink or blue
We've saving hugs and kisses
For the day that we meet you!


About the Author

Marc Wambolt

About the Author

Marc Wambolt was raised in Torrance, California. The oldest of three boys, he married at a young age and moved to Orange County, later moving to the Grand Canyon State of Arizona. While putting his two children through college, Wambolt delivered mail for the United States Postal Service. Since his retirement, he’s enjoyed traveling, spending time with his family, and baby-sitting his grandchildren.