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What if you could do whatever you wanted and never get caught? Would you be willing to take that risk without knowing the consequences? What if you had reasoning to do it and your mom was that reason? What if you were led to believe your father was dead all your life, then you accidentally meet him? What do you do when you find out you have a sister you knew nothing about but your husband was well acquainted? Well, Tasha is the “perfect” example. All while being betrayed from every angle, Tasha manages to boss up on her unfaithful husband, Lo, leading him to believe his actions caused her reactions. One thing about a woman, they can hold on to a secret til death. Will Tasha remain loyal to her husband, her mother, or the game?


About the Author


Patrese is a 27 year old single mother who spent a couple years living in one of the roughest neighborhoods in Birmingham, Alabama. She went to school in hopes of becoming a computer forensic specialist but was much more interested with the ‘drama’ she witnessed daily. Since writing has always been her passion, she decided to combine the drama with her writing and tell a story. Although the book is fiction, a lot of people can relate to the drama, infidelity, and events that occur within her writing. Patrese has finally put her foot forward in entertaining her growing audience, so stay tuned!!