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Come along on my 30 year love affair with Haiti!

Well, almost thirty years have come and gone since my first visit to Haiti, and I am no longer the young, idealistic woman who took on the challenge of helping to improve the lives of the children of Haiti. In fact, now my children not only have children, they have grandchildren, which make me a great grandmother! Looking back, in many ways it is ironic that my long-term involvement in Haiti came as a result of a little girl simply asking if I could help pay for her to go to school. I am not only very grateful to her, but to all of the children that I have been able to assist. From my “moonlighting” to raise $120 to educate that first student while volunteering for AmeriCares, to facilitating the acquisition and distribution of tens of millions of dollars of medical supplies after the devastating 2010 earthquake, it has been a “hellu’va ride” – one that has truly enriched my life! Throughout my journey, my family has been most understanding, gracious and very supportive in every way. However, the biggest surprise, and my greatest pleasure, has been to have my granddaughter, Tiffany, take over my role and greatly expand the work of Hope for Haiti! Although I shall continue to serve the people of Haiti for as long as I am able, clearly it will require the dedication of members of the next generation, if Hope for Haiti is to continue to prosper. I pray that they will do so.


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JoAnne M. Kuehner

JoAnne M. Kuehner, DM is the founder of Hope for Haiti, Inc., an international charity which provides significant assistance to Haitians, particularly the children, in the areas of education, nutrition and healthcare. For 30 years, she has devoted her time, treasure and talent to helping the “poorest of the poor”. JoAnne has been awarded an honorary Doctorate degree from the University of Scranton and was named a Woman of the Year by Gulfshore Life. She is also a Dame of the Order of Malta, one of the oldest Catholic lay orders, whose mission is to care for the poor and the sick of the world.