No Laughing Matter

An Izzy Brand Mystery

by Irv Sternberg


Book Details

Comedy meets murder in the Mile High city

Aging comic and widower Izzy Brand finds a new reason to face his empty life when his closest friend and owner of a comedy club dies after a mugging in a Denver alley. Izzy's search for the killer leads him into an underworld of white collar crime, commercial greed, and politics, as well as troubled street people and runaway teens, all in a city usually known for idyllic mountain views. Through his commitment to justice, Izzy learns what it means to take risks, avenge a crime and, coincidentally, find love along the way. No Laughing Matter is a suspenseful regional mystery warmed by the laughter of Jewish humor.


Book Excerpt

Regret is a harsh master, remorse a lingering shadow. At my age I've known these truths for a long time, but sometimes they slip from my consciousness like last week's weather. Or a hint of trouble ignored. They weren't on my mind when I arrived at the club for my regular Saturday night gig, but only a few hours later those lessons hit me like a stomach-churning virus. My best friend was in a coma, maybe dying, and the realization that I might have been able to prevent it was killing me.


About the Author

Irv Sternberg

As a former Marine, journalist and public relations practitioner, Irv Sternberg has observed the human condition over multiple decades. As an author, he has mined that experience to publish two award-winning and best-selling novels, Deadly Passage and Sakura's Stratagem. under the pen name, Mark Irving. His latest work, No Laughing Matter , is an amateur sleuth mystery featuring stand-up comic, Izzy Brand.

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