Nauvoo: Beyond Adieu

Have You Heard the Call?

by Geraldine Marshall


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It’s the winter of 1846, and storms are brewing in Nauvoo, Illinois. But it isn’t just the weather.

“Do you think some of the children of Israel stayed behind when Moses parted the Red Sea?” asked 18-year-old John William Dutson. Contemplating the exodus of Latter-day Saints from their beloved city of Nauvoo, John is torn but does precisely that, stays behind as his family moves on. John’s friendship with Emma, Joseph Smith’s widow, deepens as he learns to survive in the abandoned city and wrestles with the question “What is Zion?” The unexpected arrival of pilgrims from France, known as Icarians, brings new life to Nauvoo. Captivated by their communal way of living, John is sure that he sees a glimpse of Zion. With a wife and a vision of a future that he wants to build, John bids adieu to Nauvoo, Emma, and Icaria and heads West to find his family.

Based on actual events and the people who experienced them, Nauvoo: Beyond Adieu weaves fiction through the scattered bones that history has left behind.


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This fascinating book covers the little-known history of the Saints who remained behind in Nauvoo after the great exodus to the West. Geraldine does a fantastic job shedding light on Emma Smith's character. Readers come in contact with her wit, wisdom, grit and compassion while also learning about lesser-known characters who played a significant role in the early days of the Church. Beautifully written, this book shares the story of a people eager to fill the vacant city of Nauvoo with their own dream of creating a Zion-like society called Icaria. The search for Zion is a strong theme in this story with thought-provoking questions being discussed that lead to deep self-reflection. For those who love learning about this time period or who want to feel the warmth of Zion itself, this book will not disappoint! A fresh and well-crafted read, Nauvoo: Beyond Adieu is sure to enlighten and uplift.

Just finished it, loved it, anxious for your next one.

A delightful story and an intriguing way to acquaint yourself with church history. With actual events along with fiction, this book will certainly capture your attention.


About the Author

Geraldine Marshall

Geraldine “Geri” Marshall earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 1984. She has spent decades journeying with clients through the tragedies of life and the triumphs of healing and is constantly amazed by the soulful resilience she witnesses. Geri is married and lives on a small farm in Utah, where she indulges in her passion for alpacas. She and her husband have one son, who also has one son. They are the self-proclaimed “one son” tribe.

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