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How can you find love when you don't know what it looks like?

Naked in the Rain is the story of 47-year old widow, Norah Edwards, who meets 23-year old James Ross in a bar in Montauk, New York, one lonely day in September. Norah takes James home, and he soon discovers that she has as many secrets in her past as she does scars on her back. Twists and turns abound, each passage building to a surprising crescendo in this sexy novel. James helps Norah pick up the pieces of her life as she aids him in finding a direction of his own.

“Debra Markowitz may just be the Jacqueline Susann of her generation. While her NAKED IN THE RAIN revolves around more simple lives than the entertainment industry’s movers and shakers depicted in Susann tomes, Markowitz is no less sexy, bringing characters to life with a sensual style that almost makes you blush while reading. She doesn’t foresake great storytelling for sex, but incorporates the two in such a compelling way that the phrase page-turner seems to take on new meaning.” Bill Lieberman, In Touch Magazine

"This is a riveting first novel, a story of love and betrayal, of survival and triumph. Naked in the Rain is an inspirational story, at once triumphant and penetrating." Bruce Feinberg, BMF Studio

"This book was a surprise and a pleasure to read. Debra Markowitz crafted a very strong heroine in Norah, who practically sets the pages on fire with her sensuality. I expected your typical romance, but this was so much more and I found myself reading it very late into the night. I can’t wait to see what Debra has in store for her readers next!" Beverly Fortune, Long Island Press


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He held her very protectively. Something in this woman made him want to take care of her. He guessed what you felt about Norah determined the kind of man you were. Either you responded to her by wanting to protect her or by knowing you could step on her spirit and do unmentionable things to her. She was strong, but she was also so vulnerable. He knew she felt alone like he did most of the time. He wanted to tell her he loved her, but he couldn’t. Just as Norah was afraid to let go, that she would lose herself, he was afraid to lose himself to her.


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Debra Markowitz

Debra Markowitz, Director of the Nassau County Film Office and of the Long Island International Film Expo, has been on the other end of the artistic spectrum in helping filmmakers follow and realize their dreams. Naked in the Rain, Debra's debut novel, is sensitive and shocking, sexy and sensational...and the first of many to come. This student of film, yoga, martial arts, music, and dance - creates characters that are real, touching, heartbreaking and triumphant.

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