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One Person Knows the Truth . . .

Listen to me...” Savannah tried to call out from her hospital bed, but no one could hear. In a coma, she could not communicate the dangers she had discovered as her happily ever after world crumbled around her. While her race for political office had uncovered a web of scandals and lies, it paled in comparison to the darker secrets surrounding her husband Michael. If she could speak again, would it be too late? “Murder on False River delivers suspense, romance, and danger in a gripping page turner.” —Christee Atwood, Author In Celebration of Elastic Waistbands “You’ll be on the edge of your seat until the very last page!” —Erica M. Kennedy, Author Jane Bond and the Missing Romance Writer


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Martha Gabour Manuel

From a run for political office, to her days in the cockpit, to leadership of government agencies, Martha Gabour Manuel and her heroine, Savannah O’Brien Devereaux, have both discovered that truth is often stranger than fiction. In her debut novel, Martha invites readers to experience Louisiana’s beauty, mystery, dubious politics, and enduring characters, through the eyes of Savannah. Readers are welcome to send comments to: Martha Manuel, P.O. Box 1023, New Roads, LA 70760;; or

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