Midlife Momentum

Living with purpose on purpose in midlife and beyond

by Holly Schut


Book Details

Midlife: a window of opportunity for intentional living

Designed to empower you to live into your future with purpose and passion, this book provides inspiration, but more importantly a process to align your gifts, personality, and passions with the calling divinely placed in your life. This book takes you on a journey through your past, using life reflection exercises, in order to discover your true self. As you discover parts of yourself you have shed along the way you will be able to reclaim and reframe them. This process creates a deep awareness of how God’s grace has been at work in your life, shaping and forming you into the creation you are today, for the purposes God has in store for your tomorrows. As your journey continues you will be encouraged to live deeply, and with the expectation that the best is still ahead. Midlife Momentum is about: Moving from fear to courage, focusing on gains rather than losses, acknowledging the pain, but embracing the pleasures, refusing to become less and choosing to become more in midlife and beyond!


About the Author

Holly Schut

Dr. Holly Schut is founder of Midlife Momentum, a certified life coach, pastor, wife, mom, grandma, and most importantly a child of God. Holly has worked in the area of spiritual formation with all ages, and now in midlife she finds herself leading retreats and seminars, aiding others in navigating midlife transitions and helping them dicsern their passions and mission for this season of life. Holly has a Masters in Religious Education and a Dr. of Ministry degree. For more information on retreats, seminars and life-coaching check out: www.midlifemomentum.com