Journey Among Nations

by Michael Cohen


Book Details

Fall in love with the simple life in paradise.

Jewish Afghan families immigrate through Iran to Israel and America in hostile wartimes.

Accompany the author, Michael Cohen, on his self-made spiritual voyage through historic generations. In this novel, he charmingly depicts the fascinating journey among different cultures and the three major monotheistic western religions.

Michael Cohen travels from his beloved kingdom of Afghanistan; to Israel with his family to serve the army in the homeland of his faith; to America, the land of opportunity and success.

Experience the memoirs of a young man growing up in Afghanistan, a prosperous and peaceful country ruled by a tolerant king. Michael�s family moves to Israel in his late teens due to an arousal of deep religious sentiments at the time of the six day war. Admire the trials and tribulations, and lessons from times of yore - Love, kindness and charity to bestow upon future generations.

Authentic inspirational moments which will enthrall your soul and spirit.


Book Excerpt

��we were leaving behind many good friends, positive adventures as well as harder times; and moving forward to another country. I would leave with mixed emotions, as it happened when I left Afghanistan, and again when I left Israel for New York.�


About the Author

Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen is a dynamic leader who serves as the president of a rapidly growing Jewish Sephardic community. He recently headed two Afghan-Jewish delegations in meetings with the democratically elected president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai. He helps to bridge religions and enhance American-Afghan-Israeli ties.

Michael, his wife Dahlia, their three sons, and grandchildren all reside in Queens, New York. His corporate office is located in the heart of the diamond district in Manhattan.

Look out for Michael�s continued biography, coming soon!