Legacy of a Leader

Paradigm of America

by Michael W. Staib


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An insightful, riveting read of our nation’s 40th U.S. President.

“Legacy of a Leader” commemorates the unprecedented historical contribution of our 40th U.S. President, Ronald W. Reagan. Rehabilitating its internal infrastructure during a tumultuous period in American history, Reagan managed to resolve external tensions, relinquishing communist influence, while simultaneously revitalizing economic stability. Indeed, unbridled in his pursuits, Reagan neither faltered nor capitulated. He remained relentlessly undeterred. Ultimately, with untrammeled tenacity, Reagan transcended these tempestuous tribulations, restoring prosperity for American society in his unsurpassed legacy of leadership to the United States. A sociological interpretation, essay additionally assesses the apperception of personal experience, people, & institutions which subsequently influenced his profoundly positive trajectory as president.


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Michael W. Staib

Michael W. Staib, MBA earned his B.A. from Pace University in May 2008. Michael distinguishes himself as a prodigious polymath with zeal “for all kinds of literature and learning.” Daniel 1:17. A rapacious reader, Michael’s insatiable intellectual inquisitiveness encompasses universal subjects, often involving intense debate on esoteric themes. His preternatural acumen incorporates a particular penchant for language, logic, and written analysis. Graduating with notable distinction from the Pforzheimer Honors College, he published an extensive scholarly analysis in Pace's Digital Commons repository, accessible at: http://digitalcommons.pace.edu/honorsindependent_researchpapers/27/. Professional writer, published author, & seasoned paralegal, Mr. Staib never ceases in his unquenchable thirst to assimilate knowledge. Aspiring Financial Hedge Analyst, Michael presently prepares for the CFA Level I Exam. Staib holds his MBA in Financial Management with a Project Management Certificate from Iona College's AACSB accredited Hagan School of Business, and attended two years of law school at the J.D. ABA accredited Liberty University School of Law. Since November 2015, Staib ranks among Angie's top 100 certified content writers, commemorated by the Angie's Diary Seal of Excellence designation. In September 2016, he achieved Maestro status at Angie's Diary Magazine.