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The extent and velocity in which we veer towards forgetfulness depends on the strength of our memory.

Allow the memorization of some or all of MEMORIA’s 60 diverse lists to be the vanguard of instituting a powerful workout method for improving your memory function.

Boost your ability to recall and retain information conveniently by simply aiming to memorize the contents of as many lists as you choose. There are no time constraints in the completion of each participant’s MEMORIA goal. The memorization challenges that MEMORIA provides are sure to be utilized for years to come. If you memorize a list and in time forget some of it, simply repeat the workout. Let MEMORIA be a tool to help you gain confidence in your ability to recall more data in every aspect of your life.


About the Author

Connie Finger

Connie Finger has brought forth a challenge that is valued by new age individuals to folks of the golden age. She was inspired to create MEMORIA as a result of helping to care for her mother who was afflicted with Alzheimer’s for 14 years. Her focus was to present a positive instrument to help obstruct memory loss and celebrate the benefits of a strengthened and robust memory.



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