Keeper of the Celtic Secrets

by Betty Rhodes


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Revealed in this book, is the mystery behind the Missing Link, the answer to the ‘creation or evolution’ question, the origins of the races, the origins of Rh-Negative blood; the true Red Thread people, the Origin of the Hebrew people, the wandering planet of Hibiru – yes, Hibiru, and much more. See how patterns can reveal the future, what the Garden of Eden really was, and learn about the ancient Gods of Sumer, the Mazzaroth trail, and much more.
This book has a heart wrenching love story, and is full of mystery, danger, and excitement, but more importantly, it contains the unveiling of secret knowledge from old secret journals. These Journals, scribed in 1650, have passed down to 'the keeper of the secrets', Samantha O’Brian, who decides to share these amazing secrets with the world. These secrets will open your eyes to wisdom so astounding, that you won't believe your eyes.


Book Excerpt

Amongst the early Celtic people of the Northern Isles, peace and harmony existed across the land for many years, however in 500 C.E., a powerful religious leader either drove out, or murdered, most of the Druid families, eliminating the priesthood and the secrets they held û or so it was believed.
The author wishes to introduce to you, one amazing family from this ancient priesthood that yet survives in spite of the many factions that have fought against them throughout the years. Their ancestors consisted of a lone family of priests and priestesses, who, after being driven from Ireland, lived a long and arduous life in secret; however, their anonymity will soon end with the release of this book. Determined to reveal to the world, the ancient secrets she holds in her possession, a courageous priestess from this brave family, has made the decision to expose the contents of her St. John family's ancient journals.


About the Author

Betty Rhodes

Betty Rhodes has spent many hours studying ancient history, astrology, the origins of religion, New and Old Age writings, and philosophy. With the quest for truth burning strong within her soul, Betty delves into writing with a constant supply of fresh ideas and theories that amaze the reader in "Keeper of the Celtic Secrets".