Just In Case the Raindrops Fall

by Marriel Harrison


Book Details

Five friends find themselves tangled in a web of deceit when a longtime infatuation grows into a forbidden mid-season romance.

Cedric Johnson, the outspoken, sometimes arrogant member of a group of friends, oversteps the boundaries of friendship when he finally lives out his long-held obsession for Milana Carmichael, the wife of his college buddy David. Cedric and Milana agree to adopt the roles of good friend and wife while playing the game of secrecy and romance—until Milana’s feelings change after an unexpected night of lovemaking with David, rekindling the extinguished fire in their marriage. Stricken with guilt, she tries to end the illicit romance—a simple fix, she thinks—but Cedric becomes angry and threatens to expose their secret. Marshall discovers the affair and warns Cedric of the dangers, but dares not go any further because of his own little secret. Cedric ignores the warning, posing a threat to Marshall and anyone who stands between him and Milana. In Just in Case the Raindrops Fall, the race to keep secrets hidden intensifies when the unexpected occurs, testing the fiber of friendship and exposing shocking truths…


About the Author

Marriel Harrison

Marriel Harrison is a retired U.S. Army soldier and author of a previous novel: The Hidden Side of Me. He has a PhD in Business Management and an MBA in Project Management. A university professor and occasional adventurer, Marriel loves long drives, wine tasting, and bookstores.