Twilight in the Vineyard

by JoJean


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The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand! Matthew 6:33

It's no secret that just about everyone today realizes that we are now living in the last of the last days.

What Christ proclaimed in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21 is coming to pass!

Christ gave warning that the period of time known as “day,” when the works of the Father could be done, would then be followed by “night,” when no man could work.

1000 years are as a day to the Lord and a day as 1000 years. Therefore might we not deduce that 41.7 years are as an hour and .7 years as a minute?

Twilight lasts an average of forty minutes in the natural, therefore “Twilight” in God’s “Spiritual Day would be 28 years.

We are now well into this time of spiritual twilight and TWILIGHT IN THE VINEYARD proclaims the lateness of the hour and gives warning of how little time is left before the Tribulation begins.

"And when all things shall be subdued unto Him, then shall the Son also Himself be subject unto Him that put all things under Him, that Yahweh may be all in all." I Cor.15:28

The above verse states the eternal PURPOSE of Yahweh. It is to this end that we should be striving. Thus I have been led to write this book:

1. To warn His adopted children who make up the Body of Christ that His return is near

2. To state the truth about the nation of Israel and encourage our Jewish brethren to realize that Yahshua is their Messiah (Mashiach)

3. To warn America and other nations that they need to repent and humble them selves before The Almighty Creator

4. To explain why America and Britain are allies of Israel

5. To inform His dispersed, chosen children of the House of Israel that they will soon be undergoing terrible times during that period referred to as Jacob’s trouble but to realize their heritage and know that He will help them.

6. To give information on topics that has often been ignored or misunderstood.


Why is the story of JOSEPH so relevant for today?

When will the tribulation will begin?

Who will really make up the 144,000 and where will they be found?

What is the Gospel of the Kingdom?

When and where will Christ return?

Who is the Mahdi?

What is the difference between Satan's angels and his demons?

What happened between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2?

Why should we know about Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz?

Why is America under Yahweh's judgement?

Was Eve really created from only a rib of Adam?

Who is the one who restrains the coming of the antichrist?

Who is the woman in the 12th Chapter of Revelation?

Will persecution be vented upon American Christians?

What is the importance of the Feast Days of the Lord?

Did Christ really die on Friday and rise up on Sunday?

What did Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah do?

Why is the story and facts regarding Joseph's sons, Manasseh and Ephraim, so important?

Why is Babylon mentioned so often in scripture?

To find the answers to these questions and to learn more on many other topics, I urge you to read this book...which was ordained to be written by Yahweh in 1983 at which time He gave this author its title.

TWILIGHT IN THE VINEYARD is an anthology and includes the following topics:

Name of the Almighty Creator - YHWH, Creator of the Spiritual Realm - YHWH, Creator of Man - YHWH, the Planter - America, Past, Present…Future? - America, Wake Up! - Babylon - Gospel of the Kingdom - Kingdom of Darkness - The One Who Restrains - Present Day Vineyard of the Lord - The Antichrist - Coming Persecution - Words and Dreams From the Lord - Words from the Heart - To All My True Brothers and Sisters in Our Lord

Psalm 26:7 "That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all Thy wondrous works."

Shalom, JoJean


Book Excerpt



“Who leave the paths of uprightness to walk in the ways of darkness.”
Proverbs 2:13

This is the time of great fear. There is fear of war, fear of aids, fear of financial ruin, fear of terrorists, fear of criminals, fear of communism and many other fears too numerous to mention...but the one fear that should be present is sorely missing. The FEAR OF GOD!

Since it is the fear of God that is the beginning of wisdom, and obedience to Him that brings understanding, we now know the reasons for the incredible foolishness and ignorance that our nation has plummeted to, and now accepts as the "norm".
One fool is measured by another fool and the richer or more beautiful fool...or whatever else is being "accepted" as lauded and praised and sought by the masses.

Hard working responsible people see their tax dollars being given to those who contribute little or nothing to our society. Billions are also given to nations that no longer respect America and even have become her enemies!

Humanism has so entrenched the idea of situational ethics into our society that moral absolutes are all but forgotten. Sin is no longer called sin. Evil is no longer called evil but is "good" if it is profitable for some. Good has become evil to those who do not want to adhere to what Yahweh has ordained as right. The word SIN is no longer used. People now only have problems, situations or addictions. They have created a garbage dump in place of the “garden” and the longer they sit in it… the better it smells!

America once prided herself upon the sense of humor of her people. Great wisdom was often given with down home humor. But today's comics are vile and vicious or foolish and inane. What passes for humor today, would not even have been mentioned in a men's locker room fifty years ago. Casual sex is regarded as a normal every day routine and the most perverse behaviors are treated as subjects for jokes.

Not many years ago, "Gone With the Wind" was banned because of the word "DAM" being used in the script. In most theaters, this word had to be deleted before the movie could be shown. Today even movies produced for children contain language and scenes that would have shocked a sailor at the turn of the century. Our society is on an express train whose speed is accelerating constantly and whose brakes have ceased to function! And ahead looms a big, brick wall.

Someone said that the only thing that one can learn from History is that no one ever learns from History. I fear this is true. We need to turn to the Bible and see what happened to those nations that did the things we are doing now. We need to throw out political correctness that is strangling our American way of life.

We need to read Ecclesiastes and hear what the wisest man in the world learned when he had grown apart from Yahweh. We need to rub the spirit of slumber from our eyes and open our ears to the Word of Yahweh. We need to shout from the housetops:

“America…Wake UP!”



The sun has almost set and long shadows of judgment are falling across the land. The cup of our iniquity trembles from the heaviness of the sins within and threatens to spill over. And yet most, living in America today, carry on their lives as if there will never be any changes. They are following in the footsteps of Belshazzar. He too thought that his kingdom would continue without change, but one night as he feasted and drank wine from the golden vessels stolen from Yahweh's temple, he saw a man's hand appear and write upon the wall.


MENE - means Yahweh has numbered your days and they are ended.

TEKEL - means you have been weighed in His balances and have been found have failed.

PARSIN - means your kingdom will be divided and given to another.

America may be compared to a beautiful woman whose early years of marriage were rich and blessed but then she committed adultery and was divorced. Now in later years she has become a bitter, hardened woman who looks to a series of unfaithful and uncaring lovers to help her. She tries to find happiness and comfort in drugs and alcohol but the temporary solace they give her doesn't last. She looks in the mirror and is terrified of the ravages of time and the unhealthy pallor that she sees. She knows she is sick and perhaps dying but she continues on in the ways that are killing her.
America has been unfaithful to Yahweh, just as Israel was centuries before and she is suffering the same fate. All her ills can be traced to sins against the Almighty. He has stopped blessing and is now allowing what this nation has sown to be reaped.
The great majorities of people living upon the earth today do not realize that Yahweh has allowed man a certain span of time during which He would not intervene in the lives of men. However, we are now coming into the end of this period and are beginning to experience the consequences of our sins. Romans 6:23
Yahshua warned there would be certain events that would lead into the beginning of sorrows and that religious deception, wars and rumors of wars, nation rising against nation, famines, pestilence and earthquakes would be the indicators of this time period.
The deception in religion is evident and we are seeing Yahweh lift the coverings that men have sewn for themselves, to expose the hypocrisy beneath. These are the latter times of which the Spirit speaks expressly. The true faith that Jude exhorted us to contend for is now being threatened. Ungodly men have crept in unawares and are attempting to turn the grace of Yahweh into lasciviousness. Many have departed from the true faith and we are beginning to reap the harvest of bitter and deceptive fruits these have produced.
Right now battle lines are forming between good and evil. Yahshua has won the war but there will be battles waged against individuals, within individuals and within any and every area where the enemy can get a toehold and even churches will not be immune. In fact, some of the strongest battles will occur in churches throughout the land.
In these last days, Satan has loosed his "Special Forces" that he has been training for centuries. Just as the world’s military has its specially trained groups, so does the enemy have his! We must be especially discerning of his “double agents” found among “religious spirits.” These are some of the strongest and hardest to combat as they often look and sound better than the genuine believer.

The rise in health problems and medical costs due to AIDS, herpes, and other diseases threaten to bankrupt insurance companies and increase the national debt that is already staggering. We are experiencing breakdowns in America today in almost every phase of our lives. The people are groaning under a government that gets heavier and harder to carry day by day. And as it breaks down further, the monetary burden upon responsible citizens will multiply, as no amount of tax increases will ever be enough for the insatiable jaws of Government.
Yahweh's Commandments have been set aside and ignored, and now man races about frantically trying to make his moral-less laws work amidst a people who are stubborn, rebellious and selfish. The government and legal system of this nation resemble a patchwork quilt that has been mended and stitched so many times that there is no longer any recognizable pattern. The legal system has bogged down from the weight of all those who now defy the system and judges who are ruling apart from what our Constitution states. Lawyers encourage class action suits and individuals are eager to sue for the most trivial of reasons.

, which further complicates and exacerbates this situation!
Homosexuality and pornography are tolerated. Children are preyed upon by pedophiles. Sex is big business and “adult” bookstores and sexually oriented businesses have sprung up across our nation.
Unusual weather has been reported and floods, droughts, tornadoes, hurricanes, abnormal temperatures and atypical snow and hail storms are being recorded. Earthquakes have increased not only in intensity but also in number and are occurring in places where they had never before taken place. But the media reports these things and explains them with such an air of "normality" that the majority of the population feels no alarm. No one, in leadership, appears to be aware that all of these happenings are interrelated or that things are only going to get worse. They trust in their gods of science and technology to set things right.
But this will not happen. We are now experiencing the beginning of the times that will lead into the seven-year period of tribulation. Like the proverbial frog sitting in a pot of cold water on the stove, we have become so conditioned to the gradual increase in temperature of the times surrounding us, that we will not even attempt to jump out before the boiling point is reached.

When Yahweh sent Jonah to Nineveh, the people were touched in their hearts and the entire nation repented. Not just in word but in deed, showing fruits meet for repentance. All of the people, from the King to the least of the people believed Yahweh. They fasted and put on sackcloth and even their animals were included! They neither drank nor ate in the hope that Yahweh would turn aside His fierce anger. Jonah 2:5-9 And Yahweh did turn away His wrath from them.
Can America follow the example of Nineveh? Would we humble ourselves through fasting and prayer and repent of our sins and turn to Yahweh crying out for mercy?
Or have we passed the point of no return and are the words, "MENE, MENE, TEKEL, PARSIN." being written by the hand of Yahweh upon this nation today?

We are guilty of the very same actions that forced Yahweh to judge His own chosen people. Have we become so smug in our own "self righteousness" that we are deceived into thinking that what happened to past nations who committed these sins, cannot happen to us?
Much of what was written by the prophets to the nation of Israel centuries ago could be spoken to America today. Much of the prophecy of the Old Testament has a dual nature, thus what these prophets of old spoke to Israel and other nations can also be directed to America today!

Will America heed these warnings? Or will America take her place in the Graveyard of Past Great Nations?


Although all Jews are Hebrews, not all Hebrews are Jews.

For after the death of Solomon, Israel was divided into two kingdoms. The Northern Kingdom became known as the House of Israel and the Southern Kingdom was called Judah.
The first time the word “Jews” was used was when the King of Syria drove the “Jews” from Elath. This was when the Northern Kingdom of Israel was at war with Judah, the Southern Kingdom. Thus the term Jew applies only to those of Judah. II Kings 16:6
A similar situation took place during America’s Civil War. The South seceded from the North and a bloody civil war resulted. If the South had been victorious, there would be two “Americas” today just as there were two Hebrew Kingdoms in the past: northern Israel (House of Israel also called Jacob) and southern Judah. The people of both kingdoms were Hebrews or Israelites but only those of Judah became known as JEWS. Another comparison is that while all Texans are Americans not all Americans are Texans.
When Yahweh referred to Israel and Jacob, He was not speaking of only the people that we term the Jews alone. Most of the prophecies in the Old Testament may have had an immediate application, to those mentioned above and were a history of past facts, but the greater majority of prophetic information contained in them is applicable to other nations of the world AT THIS PRESENT TIME.
Yahweh led me to study the Book of Genesis in great detail. He said that all-important truths in His Word have their origins in this Book. He also had me study the next four Books very carefully. Yahweh records every promise for blessing and every warning of punishment for cursing. And he has been carrying out these promises and punishments for thousands of years, whether mankind is aware of His actions or not. That field of knowledge, dealing with past events of the world, is even called History. (His Story)
Today we are nearly at the end of 6000 years of Yahweh's purpose for mankind. We can no longer afford to ignore what the Almighty is bringing about. We have been deceived and kept in ignorance for far too long. Rev. 12:9
The truth we need to seek is found in Genesis and other books of the Old Testament and deals with the promises given to Abraham and his descendents by Yahweh. These promises include both material and spiritual aspects of blessing. There are those things given because of "birth-right" alone, passed down from father to eldest son. These birthright promises have nothing to do with merit but are rights acquired by birth, and are physical and material in nature.
The spiritual aspects of these promises have to do with the Mashiach being born from the family line of Judah. Abraham was also promised that his descendants through Isaac would be as numerous as the stars of heaven and that a great nation would come from him. This was manifested through the nation of Israel and all Israelites are Yahweh's chosen people. Even those who are considered "lost" or thought to have been carried off into slavery and ultimately absorbed into other nations.
The developments from these promises of Yahweh to Abraham will reveal that the story of Joseph is in miniature what the entire panoramic history of the Hebrews is in its total fullness!


ALL of God's revealed will and truth is in the Word of God, the Bible. Words should never give any revelations or statements that do not line up with His written Word. But they can give more light or call attention to parts of His written Word that are appropriate and what He would have one know, at a particular time or to aid them in a current situation or problem. The analogy I would offer is that of a large room that has many different light sources in it. As each lamp is turned on, the light in the room increases. Nothing has changed and it is the same room but one can now see all it contains more clearly. So it is with Words from the Lord.


When Adam fell, however, Yahweh did not abandon him. For He had planned, from the beginning, to send His only Begotten Son, to do what man could not. Eph.3:11 Thus He would reprove the powerful rebellion of Satan, showing forever that His love, even in the weakness of man, is stronger than Satan's evil, in the power of angels. Eph.3:10, 1 Pet.1:12, Mt.10:16


The purpose of the church is to give glory to Yahweh and reign with Christ when the kingdom is established on earth. The church consists of those “called out from the world.” These are then to live in this world without being of it. Until Christ returns, it is His Body that is to occupy and do the will of the Father here on earth. But it is the Kingdom of God that is ultimately the final goal for all to seek. Mt.6:33
The church includes the total number of all believers (both dead and alive) while the Body of Christ refers to those believers that are alive on earth at any given time. Eph. 5:30 Just as our own human bodies are made up of cells, which die and are replaced by new ones, so also is the Body of Christ in constant change.
In these end times, God is bringing forth a zealous, warrior type of believer into His Body to combat the intense satanic and demonic warfare that surrounds us. Just as an old eagle is renewed by flying high into the heavenlies, the Body of Christ is being renewed and empowered as it rises into new heights of His Holy Spirit!


What is the significance of the four women named in the genealogy of Yahshua?
Rahab and Ruth were Gentiles. Bathsheba and Tamar were Hebrews. Rahab was a prostitute, Bathsheba committed adultery. Ruth was a righteous woman. Tamar was devious. Thus Yahshua came from both Jews and Gentiles, from both righteous and unrighteous persons.
I also believe that attention was called to these four women to show that God was faithful in seeing that the PROMISE made to Tamar by Judah was honored, that through FAITH Rahab was saved, Ruth received REWARD for her love and faithfulness and that Bathsheba was FORGIVEN. Thus four attributes of Yahweh, manifested in Christ to bring about our reconciliation with Him, are depicted in these women. Proof of the love, power and mercy of Yahweh Who can work all things together for good to those who are the called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28


Matthew 24:6-8 Mark 13:7-8 Luke 21:9-11
He tells them they will hear of wars and rumors of wars. And nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. We are seeing this come to pass more and more every day, as the nations of the world engage in open and covert warfare. But “kingdom against kingdom” refers to the Kingdom of Darkness once again attempting to rise above the Kingdom of God. This is the actual reason for all of the horror, bloodshed and atrocities taking place today. Eph. 6:12
He speaks of famines, pestilences, earthquakes, commotions, fearful sights and great signs in heaven. BUT THESE ARE ONLY THE BEGINNING OF SORROWS.


Christ warns about the rise of false prophets who will show signs and wonders that will be so amazing that even the elect could be deceived, if that were possible. Christ uses this analogy to show just how “convincing” these signs and wonders will be. However, these false prophets will NOT be able to fool TRUE believers who have the Holy Spirit guiding them and operating the gift of discernment within them.

NOTE: The TRUE ministries of the Lord in end times will be those representing the ministry of John the Baptist done in the spirit of Elijah. These will point out the sin, false doctrines, deception and contamination of God’s people and will reach out to Israel and the lost sheep of the House of Israel.
These true ones will study the scriptures, dividing the Word of God rightly, and will speak out boldly against all the errors and abominations being practiced and accepted today by those who claim to know and love God.
John the Baptist did no signs and wonders. He only called attention to the coming Messiah. These end time ministries will also proclaim the coming of the Lord. They will be empowered by Yahweh’s Holy Spirit but they won’t seek the fame and fanfare as the false prophets of today do.


Then Christ says, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My words shall not pass away.” He is speaking of this present Heaven and Earth, which will one day be consumed by fire. But a New Heaven and Earth will appear in which there will be only righteousness. 2 Peter3:13 Revelation 21:1
Believers need not fear this truth for at that time we will be in resurrected, glorified bodies which will not be affected by the passing of the old into the new. The original realm is the spirit realm and although this material universe may pass away, God is Spirit and His Word is eternal!

NOTE: First Law of Thermodynamics is that energy can be transferred from one system to another in many forms but it can not be created or destroyed. Thus, the total amount of energy available in the Universe is constant. Einstein's famous equation E = MC2 describes the relationship between energy and matter and suggests that energy and matter are interchangeable. His equation also suggests that the quantity of energy and matter in the Universe is fixed.


Music affects people through the vibrations it produces. Words also produce vibrations and when they are used in chants and intonations, they can bring about a desired spell upon a person. Words are very important in magic. Both because of the vibrations they produce and also because they are regarded as an intrinsic part of the thing named. To know one's name is to have power over that one. Yahshua showed this spiritual truth in His dealing with the demoniac Gadarene. Lk.8:30
To understand this principle of vibrations, let us consider the following: We sustain our life through breathing in air, which is drawn into the lungs, where the oxygen is absorbed into the red corpuscles in the blood and circulated throughout the cells of the body. The cells take in the oxygen from the corpuscles and give off carbon dioxide, which the corpuscles carry back to the lungs, where it is exhaled from the body in our breath.
Breath is the physical means through which God gives life. Consider these scriptures:
...wherein in the breath of life ...Gen.6:17
...the breath of the Almighty hath given me life. Job 33:4
...Thou takest away their breath, they die...Ps. 104:29
I will cause breath to enter into you and you shall live. Ezk.37:5
...He giveth to all life and breath...
Scripture also tells us "the life is in the blood." Lev.17:11 Thus we may view our soul, the spiritual counterpart of our breath, as "residing" within our blood.
Yahshua states in Mt.15:18, that a man speaks from his "heart" and can be defiled by the words he speaks, if they contain evil thoughts, such as murder.
In James 3:8,9 we read that the tongue is full of deadly poison and used to curse men. Taking all of these together we learn that our heart can originate evil, which is manifested by our breath into words, that can curse. (Or bless)
This brings us back to the vibrations caused by the voice. These vibrations are produced as the breath, which was in the blood, passes out from the lungs through the larynx, where it is used to form sounds and words by using the tongue, teeth and lips. Every word and every sound has a distinct vibrational frequency and produces energy. We might express this as:

Breath + Motion = Energy.

This energy is generated with every word, or sound, uttered and is the power source used by those in the occult:
1. To summon spirits through incantations
2. To alter mind consciousness with chants and mantras
3. To perform enchantments, create spells and place curses

There is power in words! Yahweh spoke the universe into existence and Christ will destroy the armies of Antichrist with His voice!

Consider these verses:
…God thundereth with His voice and does great things. Job 37:5
...He uttered His voice, the earth melted. Ps.46:6
...He shall smite the earth with the rod of His mouth and with the
breath of His lips shall he slay the wicked. Isa.11:4
… Saul, yet breathing out threatenings and slaughter... Acts 9:1
...all in the graves shall hear His voice and come forth. Jn.5:28,29
And out of His mouth goeth a sharp sword that with it He should
smite the nations. Rev.19:15

We are commanded NOT to curse or speak evil things. We will be held responsible for the fruit of our lips, and how we control our tongues. Proverbs 18:21 Mt. 12:37
In Proverbs 16:29,30 it states: "A violent man moving his lips, brings evil to pass." This may contain a deeper meaning than just speaking angry words that result in violence.
Sounds can be even more powerful than words and certain sounds can create powerful affects, both in the physical and spiritual realms. A high musical note may shatter glass and trumpets blown by angels in Heaven result in judgments falling upon the earth!
Sound also has ranges that cannot be discerned by the human ear. Dog whistles work on this principle, and most animals can hear sounds that do not register on our human ears. But the enemy can use these frequencies to transmit messages or plant thoughts or suggestions within our minds similar to "subliminal" tape messages. Almost everyone has experienced that sudden weird thought that zings into his or her mind. One is especially vulnerable to these transmissions during times of strong feelings, such as anger, hatred, jealousy and despair.
The subconscious perceives all input as being true, and is not capable of differentiating between thoughts generated by us or those, that are "planted." This is why the most bizarre dream seems completely logical...until we awake. This is also why nightmares can cause such intense fear.


It is the False Prophet who will secure worship for Antichrist. Rev.13:15 tells us: "And he has power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should speak...". Could this be how the Apostle John described television? Today we take the "living images" on our screens for granted but to a man of the first century, seeing a dictator appearing on world-wide satellite TV...would this not look like an image that had been given life?
It would require television for the whole world to worship the image of the beast. Not everyone would be able to travel to the capital of Antichrist to do this. But almost every home has a television set so this could be a way of fulfilling this prophecy.
It is also the False Prophet that causes the mark to be given. This sounds very similar to the time of the Inquisition, when many were killed for not following the leaders of the church. Today we are already seeing attempts by church leaders to unite the various religions of the world. Since the Catholic Church and Islam would have the largest block of members, it is likely that the False Prophet will use his power and influence to include ALL religions. We must also consider that if ALL religions have united at this time, those sects who follow a "god man" or Guru would be included and these would be able to command their followers to worship Antichrist as well. And it is possible that the Mahdi, eagerly anticipated by Muslims, could indeed be the Antichrist!


When Yahshua spoke of the leaven placed in three piles of dough by a woman, it referred to false doctrine. In the Bible a woman may represent a church, nation or city. In this scripture “a woman” is symbolic of a religious system or church and is representative of false teaching and/or spiritual adultery. The three piles of dough represent the three periods of time affected.
The first period was during Old Testament times before the arrival of Christ. From the time of Nimrod and his wife Semiramis, who began the false religion of Mystery Babylon, this leaven has seeped into every religion of the world to some degree and even Christianity has become contaminated. Jezebel is also in this period, symbolic of the “woman adding leaven” when she attempted to introduce her country’s false gods and replace the true worship of Yahweh with Baal.
The second period was during the time when Christ was here on earth. During this period, the leaven was dispersed through the Pharisees and Sadducees. Christ Himself often gave warning of this. Matthew. 16:6
The third period began at Pentecost and will last till the end of the age. The woman riding the beast is symbolic of the false church that has committed spiritual adultery throughout all history. She holds the cup of false doctrine from which all nations have drunk and committed fornication. Revelation 18:3
This “false leaven” aids the god of this world in preparing the world for the entrance of Antichrist. Internet sites, movies, tapes, music, books, CD’s, DVD’s, video games and television are being used to condition and lull the masses for his deception.
Many young people today, who have been raised in homes literally destitute of the knowledge of God and educated in schools that forbid prayer or any display of His Commandments, have NO WORD of God in them. They play horrific video games that dull any sensitivity to murder, gore and destruction. They have no sense of sin or shame and have been encouraged to expect instant gratification. 2 Tim.3:2-4
Demonic spirits are more active than ever today and it is through their influences that mankind is growing more and more violent towards one another, not realizing who their true enemies are! Eph. 6:12
Insight into this truth can be found in Revelation 16:13-14 where three, unclean demonic spirits come out of the mouths of Antichrist, the false prophet and Satan. These evil spirits go forth to deceive the kings of the world into joining Antichrist in the coming battle of Armageddon. These verses show that in the end times many leaders and rulers will be completely influenced by demonic forces and some may even be demon possessed! We are beginning to see signs of this already throughout the world today! (I.e. Leaders in Iran, Venezuela and North Korea appear to fit this description)
God will allow these lying, evil spirits to influence these leaders just as He allowed a lying spirit to entice Ahab to his doom at Ramoth-Gilead. When one’s heart is full of rebellion towards God and His truth, God will literally help them along on their road to destruction.
Those not grounded in God and Christ will not have the “roots or relationship” to endure what will come upon God’s people at this time. Those who have taught that the Rapture will whisk everyone away before the “bad stuff” starts have done a great disservice and this has not prepared Christians to expect what is coming. Christians will not see His wrath, but they will experience persecution.


We are now in a time of unparalleled Satanic and demonic activity upon the earth. Satan is slowly being given more and more leeway and soon the time will come when he will vent the full force of his power upon the earth. These manifestations are just a part of the total efforts of Satan to pull men's eyes from the truth and to keep them occupied in his deceptions so that they may not receive the truth of Yahweh.
Satan is "softening" up the world so they will more readily accept Antichrist. One only has to observe the media for a short time to see that this is true. Stories, movies, and articles about the satanic and the occult abound. Even children's toys and games have succumbed to this demonic trend.
Persecution of Christians has also begun and will continue to intensify, causing many to "fall away." False doctrines and various seductive ploys have shot through the organized mass of “Christianity” to the extent that many who profess to be believers are actually partaking of a mixture of truth and deception. We are on a parallel course of physical Israel of long ago.
Those, of us, who are firm in our faith, must take unto ourselves the whole armor of God, that we may be able to withstand in the evil day. We must pray for discernment and holy boldness, be on guard and keep our gaze upon our Head, Yahshua HaMashiach, and not allow ANY man to mislead us. For...



About the Author


JoJean was born and raised in Western Pennsylvania where she graduated from Geneva College with a B.A. in Biology. She also attended the University of Pittsburgh and Baldwin-Wallace College.

Born and raised a Roman Catholic, she left this denomination in 1980 when she was touched by God in a very dramatic way.

She has been prepared both spiritually and mentally for the disclosure and dedication that being an author requires. She shares her heart with the reader and you are with her as she searches and discovers His truth.

This is a powerful book, written by one who desires to be obedient to the call of God.

“Twilight in the Vineyard” was originally published in 1988. This present edition has been edited and the author has added additional truths she has realized in the intervening years. Her passion is to awaken the same desire for His Truth in other believers.

JoJean resides in Texas, where she taught college biology until her retirement in 2001. She has two daughters, a son and a son-in-law and shares her home with a group of spoiled felines.



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