Do Watermelons Grow On Trees?

by Jamie Sajewel


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Bite into a Juicy Story Where the Only Limit is Your Imagination! Oh yes my friend, watermelons do grow on trees...way up high on top of the hill... that lumpy, bumpy, purple hill in Schnobbleville!


Welcome to Schnobbleville, the adorable little town with a funny name and a silly secret: it’s the only place on Earth where you can pick a ripe, juicy watermelon—right from a tree! Come along with Marty, the cheese-loving mouse, grab a pair of magical binoculars, and prepare to be amazed with the sweet sights—and tastes—of this enchanted land. It’s a friendly place where the people still say “excuse me, may I, thank you, and please.” But whatever you do, don’t sneeze too hard or you might shake loose a whole crop of lip-smacking watermelons! Bursting with glorious, full-color illustrations and full of enchanting rhymes, Do Watermelons Grow On Trees? urges kids to explore their limitless and precious imaginations. The message is simple: anything is possible with just a little vision. Children are also encouraged to explore their own stories by drawing what they see around them. After all, if watermelons can grow on trees, what else is possible?


Book Excerpt

"Oh yes my friend, watermelons DO grow on trees...way up high on top of the hill...that lumpy, bumpy, purple hill in Schnobbleville! But you cannot see these special trees with just your eyes..."


About the Author

Jamie Sajewel

Jamie Sajewel is a prolific writer and poet. A retired flight attendant, Sajewel’s passion for words is "taking off" with a slew of upcoming stories including: EAT SLEEP PLAY~A Day In The Life Of Baby Sweet Cheeks, Lance And His Silly Pants, Toots the Turtle, Wanda’s Wacky Wig, Lazy Bones Jones, and Our Pup Chipper. She has two books of original poetry also in the works: Peppered Pickles And Other Present Moment Poems, and Flowers Grow in the Desert. The word "impossible" does not exist in her vocabulary or belief system. She loves to explore, dream, discover, play and pray, and thanks God for the gift of every day! She lives in the historic and charming town of Cedarburg, Wisconsin with her husband Jim and has two adult sons, Andrew and Michael. Her spunky and sassy Brittany Spaniel girls, Charlotte and Lucy, and ten terrific chickens also add scads of juicy joy to her life! Visit her Blog to learn more:

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