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“Life brings struggles and challenges to everyone. It is through preparation, dedication, and faith that we shall endure.”

Based on the real-life experiences of Dr. Kenneth Patterson, I Am Too… will motivate, encourage, and move readers to action. This is the story of one man’s path toward manhood—from the hard streets of a Baltimore ghetto, to the field grade ranks of the U.S. Army, to the hallowed halls of academia. Dr. Patterson is a highly esteemed professional—a supply chain expert, college professor, and military officer—but his success is based on hard work, courage, and resilience. Raised by a single mother and surrounded by poverty and violence, he defied seemingly insurmountable odds to rise above hardship and claim his well-deserved achievements—not just for himself but also as an inspiration for others. Dr. Patterson’s memoir not only offers hope and motivation; it provides concrete tools for those who doubt their own ability for a bright future, and its universal truths will resonate with people worldwide.


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Everyday I’d prance into his classroom, late and loud, acting like I owned it. I’d talk, crack jokes, and generally, not pay attention. And being the rebellious soul that I was at the time, this particular day was no different. I was in the middle of my regular routine when I heard my teacher’s booming voice. “You’re trifling Patterson, you spend your time guffawing and entertaining hooliganism; you’ll never be anything more than what you are right now,” Mr. Thomas said. And to piss him off I replied, “Thank you Mr. Thomas, and you’re short.” Mr. Thomas folded his arms across his chest. “One day Mr. Patterson, you’re going to find yourself in real trouble and when that happens I’m going to be right there.” “And you’ll still be short,” I continued. The class roared with laughter. Little did I know I was nailing my own coffin shut. I was a rebel and a star athlete so I was very cocky, not because I thought I was special in any way but just because I could be; at school, jocks were worshipped. Since my environment was a tough one, I was very rough around the edges. I failed to use the good manners that my mother taught me because they just weren’t practical in my world. And although this teacher considered me disrespectful, I continued to ignore his rules and/or demands. That was how we did things in the hood; teachers got no respect.


About the Author

Dr. Kenneth Patterson

Major Ken Patterson was born in Baltimore, Maryland. He graduated from the University of Alabama in Huntsville with a BS in business administration and a PhD in international business at Northcentral University. After serving seven years as an enlisted soldier, Ken received a Direct Commission in the U.S. Army Reserves in April 2001 and has served the nation honorably as a leader in times of war.



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