How to be Positive in a Negative World

by Carmen J. Glatt


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Have you ever felt the world was out to get you? Seems like nothing ever goes your way? If you’re tired of feeling this way, it’s time to retrain your brain and have an attitude of gratitude. And watch your life begin to change!

How to Be Positive in a Negative World is a deceptively simple, straightforward book that will provide encouragement and boost morale. Learn how to mind your own business; how to deal with negative people, difficult coworkers, cantankerous family members, and road rage…even your own ego. It’s time to find a more peaceful, positive existence and the life you deserve!


About the Author

Carmen J. Glatt

Carmen J. Glatt is the author of A Box of Fortune Cookies, eight screenplays, a TV show, and stand-up comedy. She lives with her daughter in Spokane and enjoys traveling, the beach, fine dining, fencing, movies, and going to Disneyland.