Healing the Wounds of War

My Personal Journey

by Amnon Ben-Yehuda


Book Details

2019 CIPA EVVY AWARD - Merit Award Health/Medicine Non-Fiction

Amnon Ben-Yehuda, an Israeli native, joined the HAGANAH underground at age 13 and at 17 he joined the PALMACH, the shock troop branch of the HAGANAH. During the War Of Independence In April 1948, at a historic battle in Upper Galilee at a place called Nebbi Yusha, he miraculously survived a serious shot to the head. He ultimately recovered from short-term loss of sight and speech, but remained limited with his right hand.

The twenty-two men killed in that battle were buried at the battle site in a common grave that had become a national monument for the heroes.

After graduating from U. C. Berkeley in 1952 he ended up with a career in the computer field, serving some 18 years with NCR’s Computer Division; six years as GM of the Special System Division and two as GM of the Micrographics System Division. He was president of a small software company for two years before retiring to deal with his emotional wounds of war.

At the battle’s 40th anniversary ceremony by the gravesite in 1988, Amnon delivered a eulogy for the fallen heroes, many being his childhood friends.


About the Author

Amnon Ben-Yehuda

Amnon and his wife Lee live in San Diego, Ca. He’s been active in the community having served on nonprofit boards and committees, and has taken a leading role in the Infant Immunization Initiative through Rotary. In 1989 Amnon was awarded an honorary degree from the Professional School Of Psychological Studies in San Diego. The book includes thirteen original photos of the period and a documentary titled “I Will Not Forget This, My Friend” that can be viewed at https://vimeo.com/76179028.



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