Harold the High Knight and Princess Megan

Harold and Megan

by Micheal Andrisano


Book Details

A Beguiling Adventure in the World of Fairy...

Things just haven’t been the same for Harold and Megan since their father mysteriously disappeared. But one night, a ghostly visitor tells Harold that his father is being held captive by a mad gnome from Germania named Gagle the Great. To find the lair of the mad gnome, Harold must solve a riddle. Harold loses all hope; he hates puzzles of all kinds. But a magical box that belonged to his father may hold a clue. When Harold relates his strange tale to his family, his mother refuses to believe it, and thinks Harold is making up stories to console him for the loss of his father. But Megan knows there’s more to it. Against their mother’s wishes, Harold and Megan turn to their classmates for help. But when nobody can solve the riddle, they must convince their mother that their father is in danger, and that they must travel to Ireland to seek the help of his relatives and friends. Little do they know what awaits them on the Emerald Isle: the mad gnome is the enemy of fairy folk, and they receive some special help from the Mayor of the Leprechauns, as well as from a surprise visitor who appears when hope is lost. Will Harold and Megan find their father, and can they rescue him before time runs out? Follow them across the ocean and into a magical world as they explore the realm of enchantment.


About the Author

Micheal Andrisano

Mike Andrisano is the author of Operation Seeding and its soon to be released sequel,Extended Forecast; Global Chaos. He and his wife live in New Jersey. Harold the High Knight and Princess Megan is a story that was developed in and around the countryside surrounding his wife’s family’s ancestral town of Tournafulla, County Limerick, Ireland. Coming Soon, "The Return" A Harold and Megan Adventure Email mjasr@earthlink.net http://www.micheal-andrisano-sr.com

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