The Episodic Thoughts of Hamp

Volume II

by Codis Hampton II


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A Thirst for Answers

All my life, I’ve been a jack of all trades, master of none, sometimes to my detriment. Always busy involved with a new interest in life. I love the arts, so much so, I never could settle on one aspect. So I never developed as a singer, instrumentalist, commercial artist, cartoonist, comedian, or actor. I also love the world of business, imagining myself as the man in charge. I attribute that to my Leo astrology sign. In self-employment ventures, I had the ideas, skills but lacked the funding. I also found my interest varied as an entrepreneur. I love the service aspect of business, especially helping people grow their talents. Yet, I’m always drawn back to the arts. Those varied experiences, compelling interests, and inherited common sense led me to write the social commentary. Whether it’s humorous or severe political commentary, my perspective differs from the norm. I’m fascinated by man’s career, social, & political expectations, intrigued at how the ramifications of one’s choices affect our everyday lives. And, the actions or inactions of people keep me wondering, what will they do next? I’ve settled into a philosophical period in my life. This book’s second volume reveals my thoughts and comments on subject matter that interest me in one way or another. I present my ideas for your contemplation, discussion, and enjoyment. In the end, remember where you read them. Peace and make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you, Codis Hampton II


About the Author

Codis Hampton II

I want my epitaph to read; God gave him the gift of observing while interpreting his and others’ lives with a curious mind. He surrounded him with a loving family and as a member of a unique race of people. Eventually, discovering his calling to tell the world of his observations, Hamp played the hand dealt.

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