Grand Deception

A Nikki Austen Mystery

by Michael Grantham


Book Details

Two Private Investigators Become Entangled in a One-World Government Conspiracy That Could Transform the World Forever

Grand Deception exposes the highly confidential and secret lives of the World’s top two political leaders. When it is discovered that the Presidents may be targeted by adversaries who want to destroy the World’s balance of power, a countdown begins. If successful, unknown forces could accelerate the transformation of Earth into a New World Order controlled by a OneWorld Government. Faced with possibly their most challenging and dangerous case, Nikki Austen, former DC homicide detective turned private investigator and her partner Marcus Bianco become entangled in world political games as they join an investigation of a macabre murder of an escort in an upscale Georgetown townhouse owned by a beautiful and successful madam. When the investigators quickly identify the perpetrator, the trail leads them into the danger-filled underworld of a political coverup and clandestine plots that may go as high as the White House. Inexplicably, they are taken off the case by the President, but their next decision suddenly becomes their worst nightmare. Nikki and Marcus visit the DC Embassy of The People’s Republic of China in hopes of locating the escort’s murderer. They soon learn that they must deal with a mysterious Chinese general who operates in the shadows of his government and whose actions could lead to catastrophic global repercussions. As the mystery deepens, they discover more questions than answers. The search for answers about who is manipulating worldwide events from the shadows of power leads the investigators down a dangerous path, risking both from being permanently “canceled.” Their future is in limbo as the mystery goes darker, and it becomes clear that somehow, they must identify the leader of a secret Shadow Cabal and stop a super intelligent AI creation from radically altering the course of human history forever. Nikki and Marcus soon learn that they may be the only ones who can stop the countdown to world pandemonium. In Grand Deception Michael Grantham takes the reader through the hidden world of political intrigue and deceit, reminding us that deception is everywhere and is a powerful weapon in the quest for power and control.


About the Author

Michael Grantham

Michael Grantham is a retired pediatrician who enjoys writing as a hobby. As a physician executive for several healthcare organizations, he has written numerous medical articles related to the transformation of healthcare. Dr. Grantham is married and has twelve grandchildren. He lives in Tennessee, and in addition to writing, he enjoys travelling, gardening, and attending to his koi pond. Dr. Grantham has published three historical fiction novels under the pseudonym Michael Cravatt, and three non-fiction political documentary books. The prequel to Grand Deception, Red Haunting, was published in 2018.

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