Tanya Anastas DEA Agent, Wounded in Battle

The Scourge of Fentanyl Abuse

by Ernest Hunt


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Tanya Anastas, an American DEA agent who is of Ukrainian heritage, bravely leads agents into a US battle against foreign drug criminals and is wounded. When she recovers, she is promoted to a leadership position in an international DEA headquarters in Belgium, which allows her to try to save her Ukrainian relatives from the Russian invasion.


About the Author

Ernest Hunt

The Very Rev. Dr. Ernest E. Hunt, born in Oakland, California, is a Stanford University graduate with a BA and MA. He graduated from the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest, Austin, Texas, MDiv and DD. He is also a graduate of Princeton Seminary, DMin. He has been married to Elsie Beard Hunt for more than sixty years and has one son, a daughter, and four grandchildren. He served in the Salinas Valley, California, for seven years, in West St. Louis, Missouri, for six years, and in New York City, Manhattan, at the Church of the Epiphany, for sixteen years. He also served in Dallas as dean of the Cathedral of St. Matthew for four years, then dean of the American Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Paris, France, for ten years. He retired in 2003. He served as Army Reserve chaplain for ten years and is a Knight in the Order of the Priory of St. John of Jerusalem.

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