Entrepreneurs in Pharmacy

and Other Leaders

by George S. Zorich


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Entrepreneurs have created significant economic growth in this country--usually by creating a new product or service--or by solving a problem.

Today, healthcare seems to be an ever-escalating expense which includes an unprecedented rise in prescription drug costs. Clearly, we have problems related to our spend on healthcare--but we also need more innovative solutions to address these problems. Everyone is a stakeholder, but it makes sense that pharmacists should be part of the solution, especially when every new specialty therapy launched today seems to cost $75,000 to $150,000 annually. It's truly unsustainable! It's also hard to believe that every new drug approved by the FDA is a good return on investment for society, or for the person "writing the healthcare check."

The takeaway from this book is simple. If there is a problem facing healthcare--can't there also be a creative solution to that problem? The United States healthcare system will need more critical thinkers and problem solvers to address the many issues going forward.

The goal of this book is to inspire potential entrepreneurs out there. The book focuses on ten entrepreneurs who saw an opportunity in healthcare; built a business around it; overcame challenges; and helped solve a problem with products and/ or services--all the while creating jobs and fueling economic growth. Sure, all ten entrepreneurs started with a pharmacy degree, but it could also be anyone in healthcare or business--simply identifying an issue and building a business model around it. The book challenges the individual to think about how they could start their own business to solve a healthcare problem.

"Zorich has written an exciting, inspiring book that says, ‘Pharmacists, set no limits for yourself.’ “In vivid detail he lays out career paths for many leaders in healthcare. Each tells their tale of no limits. The stories will make you believe in yourself and believe you can change the world for the better and find a road to riches. Everyone graduating from pharmacy school should read this book and set a new high goal."

—Michael Silverstein, author of Rocket: Eight Lessons to Secure Infinite Growth.


Book Excerpt

from Chapter One discussing how Marla Ahlgrimm came to the decision to start her own business focusing on women's health and specialized therapy for PMS and other hormonal disorders, the first in the nation:

"Early in 1982, I came to work one morning, looking forward to the day, and found the owner of the pharmacy standing at the end of the long dispensing counter. It was obvious he was irritated about something. In a loud, booming voice he said, "Marla, why are you wasting our time anyway? All women are neurotic and should be on Valium." So that was a very important day because I was what I call "vision ready." I had been preparing for something like this my whole life. I was a pharmacist, I was doing something I loved, it was beneficial, and I was doing something to help others. I had been saving my money...and I was ready to go to the bank--I just didn't know what form the business would take...When the owner said those words, this is what pushed me out the door to open the very first pharmacy to specialize in women's health and hormonal disorders in the United States."


About the Author

George S. Zorich

George S. Zorich is a retired healthcare executive and graduate of the University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy. In retirement he has directed his energy to writing about healthcare topics he feels passionate about; working on healthcare corporate boards and non-profit boards; mentoring high school kids who need a few breaks; and staying involved with his alma mater, whether at the school of pharmacy or attending football and basketball games and cheering on the UW Badgers. He and his wife, Marianne, enjoy time with their four married children and nine grandchildren whenever they are not traveling somewhere to golf. 100% of the royalties will go to pharmacy foundations and pharmacy programs for entrepreneurship.



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