Enough is Enough

How the Soveya Solution is Revolutionizing the Diet and Weight-Loss World

by Eli Glaser, CNWC, CWMS


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It’s not about ketosis, calculating calories, or counting points. It’s about the courage to step outside your comfort zone and get off the dieting rollercoaster. Enough is finally enough.

If you really want to meet your goal to actually maintain a healthy body size, then you must stop focusing on changing your weight and start focusing on changing yourself and your relationship with food. That’s the underlying message of the Soveya Solution.

The Soveya Solution is a proven and practical system developed by Eli Glaser after his struggles with morbid obesity and the life-changing turnaround 17 years ago that enabled him to shed 130 pounds—and keep it off! Eli has mastered a unique and extremely effective approach to weight loss and lifestyle change and walks you step-by-step through this transformative process, providing highly innovative and pragmatic tools along with clear and concrete guidelines--all positioned atop a platform infused with positivity, humor and endless encouragement.

Eli’s vulnerability and raw honesty lend a richness and relatability that penetrates the heart of all who have shared the battle of the bulge. This groundbreaking program has impacted thousands of people around the world. It’s not just a weight changer and it’s not even a game changer. It’s a life changer.


About the Author

Eli Glaser, CNWC, CWMS

Eli Glaser is the founder and director of the Soveya Weight-Loss Solution and holds dual certifications as a nutrition/wellness consultant and weight management specialist from American Fitness Professionals & Associates. He is also an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker and author, having been featured on various multi-media platforms such as CNN and NPR. Eli is an ordained rabbi and spent more than a decade in the field of community outreach, education and counseling. Prior to becoming a rabbi, Eli was a sports journalist, working at The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, and The Charlotte Observer, as well as serving as a war correspondent during Operation Desert Storm in 1991. He lives in Lakewood, New Jersey, with his wife and family.



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