Enlightened Corporate Leadership

Contributing Prosperity To Society

by Philip G Rochford


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Generating Better Corporate Results

ENDORSEMENTS “This fast moving, thoughtful book gives you a series of practical ideas you can apply immediately to build a more profitable business.” —Brian Tracy, Author of How the best leaders lead The central force for generating profits is enlightened leadership of the corporation, together with the need for employees to raise their standards to be of greater value to themselves, the corporation, and society. Enlightened Corporate Leadership explains how this can be done to achieve outstanding financial results. —Catherine Kumar, Chief Executive Officer Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce “Enlightened Corporate Leadership” is a must read for regional Executives and business leaders. It reinforces basic principles of leadership while simultaneously providing an excellent road map and methodology for the young Executive transitioning into a leadership role. —Gerry C. Brooks, Group Chief Operating Officer, ANSA McAL Limited • Customers provide income to meet operational costs. Customer satisfaction can be achieved using PAMELA as the basis for all corporate activities: Personal responsibility; Accountability; Mutual respect; Effectiveness; Loyalty; and Attitude. • The establishment of a rigorous corporate culture of mutual respect is important. Showing respect motivates human beings to give their best. • Excellent corporate performance can be achieved—one step at a time—and Enlightened Corporate Leadership will show you how!


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The most obvious part of the corporate fusion is the people who operate the business. But what is not so obvious is that the vast potential of the employees is not used in the business. This is the hidden unused giant. Each employee contributes far less than what he or she is capable of adding to the business. The history of industrial progress, and the mindset of labor and management provide fertile soil for less than full effort by employees. There is thus an untapped source of people power available for a new level of excellent corporate performance. However, this will only occur when there is new enlightened thinking by the respective participants. While thousands of transactions and activities are taking place on a continuous basis, there has to be leadership that directs the overall operations, and provide an environment that inspires and motivates. Every corporate business provides some or all of these elements discussed in this book. What the author encourages is that each corporate executive examine his or her area of responsibility, and determine how his or her area could be improved by applying the strategies discussed in this presentation


About the Author

Philip G Rochford

Philip Guy Rochford has been the director of a bank, a Caribbean conglomerate, an international airline, a brewing company, and a chemical company totaling over 7,000 employees. He was the chief executive of a banking group of 1,800 employees for 23 years. He has six children and lives in Trinidad with his wife, Edlin.

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