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Seeking to inspire problem students and build character, new elementary teacher Sarah Carter seizes upon an innovative class project for the school’s annual spring art show. At the same time, she struggles with a private personal tragedy. While coping with bullies, introverts, vampires, and school bureaucrats, Sarah strives to complete the project, support the encouraging growth of her students, and achieve closure with her impending loss. But the outcome is far different from anything she could have anticipated. “Definitely worthwhile reading!” – Yvonne Scheffer, Virginia “It was a great book.” – Oscar Walter, thirteen years old, Virginia “It’s a very interesting and attention-grabbing story.” – Misty Glover, Alabama “Overall, it was a fun read and I am very impressed!” – Lacey Harrison, Alabama “I thought it was great.” – Alejandra Zarzycki, teacher, Washington D.C. "Diana's Magic is an imaginative and inspirational book.” – Abigalle Laxa, Virginia “The story was entertaining. I had no idea how the story was going to end.” – Marky Duarte, Virginia


About the Author

David A. Hicks

Dave Hicks conjures stories during long commutes in heavy Northern Virginia traffic. A few years ago he began writing them down, and Diana’s Magic is his first published book. Dave, his wife, Suki, and their sons, Devin and Jonathan, own and operate Westover Market in Arlington, Virginia.