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Harry Finnerty’s talent as a bully and a blackmailer comes to an end the day reporter Lauren Foster meets the veteran newsman. His untimely death, “murder” she tells police, is filed as an accidental “hit-and-run.” But she can’t let it go, not after witnessing an earlier altercation between Harry and business entrepreneur Price Logan. Lauren decides to find the truth on her own, but the investigation is cut short when her best friend turns to her for help. Marissa Taylor’s world collapsed when the only father she has ever known confesses the violent truth about her biological parents. FBI agent Tower Stadler is drawn into the deadly chaos while on bureau business in the California beach town of Santa Vista.

Some will die, others will find their lives turned upside down. Love and loss, truth and trust, faith and forgiveness make this an intriguing drama with an unexpected ending.


About the Author

Patricia Dibsie

Patricia Dibsie lives in San Diego where she trains assistance dogs for Love Heels Canine Partners and writes mystery books. She learned the art of writing succinct prose as a reporter on the San Diego Union Tribune.