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‘Why am I here?’… ‘What is the meaning of life?’… ‘Why do we suffer?’…

"Why am I here?" … "What is the purpose of life?" … "Why do we suffer?" …. These age old questions are explored in a new model of creation that fills the paradoxical gaps between science and religion. This thought provoking, carefully crafted study connects the dots between theology, mysticism, physics, and psychology. The puzzle pieces of history fit nicely together unveiling an eloquent picture of nature that has remained hidden until this point in time. You’ll have answers to some of the most haunting questions such as "Why does God let bad things happen to good people?" and "Why does history continue to repeat itself in spite of what we know about its sordid past?"


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Note From the Author: Why is a deeper understanding of life important? When all is said and done, here we sit now, with the culmination of everything we have ever experienced, and the aftermath of how those experiences have affected us, especially in terms of the choices we make and how we respond to future experiences. What we experience and how we experience it is vital to our existence. So, as life is happening to us, understanding some of the underlying forces driving our inner world makes it easier not only to understand ourselves and the others in our lives but to understand the larger social movements around us. Once we recognize how these underlying forces are operating, we can consciously work with them to bring ourselves into harmony with the universal forces that shape and move everything in creation. And by so doing, we rejuvenate life, bringing ourselves a little closer to experiencing an existence free from suffering and fear while at the same time opening the door to unlimited creative potential. Then we can work on creating an environment that makes it easier, not more difficult, for others to do the same. The heart of this work begins in Chapter 5 and will take you on a journey where no one has gone before. If you feel you do not need a rational foundation for what you are about to experience you can start there without losing what the work has to offer. However, I do suggest you read the introductory section “First …” before skipping to Chapter 5 “Time Is Timeless.” Fasten your seatbelt ….


About the Author

D.A. Scott

Scott, the child of a prominent physicist, grew up in a household where rational thought and scientific method were the unquestioned norm. At the age of twenty, two first-hand, undeniable metaphysical experiences launched a forty-year study of the nature of existence. Believing whole-heartedly there is no such thing as supernatural, the obvious conclusion is; If something occurs in nature, even once, there must be a natural explanation. If it doesn’t fit into the model of what we know, then there must be more for us to learn. Nature is far too sophisticated to leave its subtleties unaccounted for in the grander scheme of creation.



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