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Peek into Joseph’s thoughts and prayers on that first Christmas

Joseph, the man chosen to be the foster father of Jesus Christ and spouse of the Virgin Mary, is silent in the Gospels. The reader is invited to share the author’s contemplation of what Joseph’s thoughts may have been as the first Christmas unfolded. Enjoy a snippet of the timeless story with unique and striking illustrations.


About the Author

Patti Sharpe

“Christmas Through St. Joseph’s Eyes” was written as a contemplation while at a Retreat in southern California. Patti Sharpe was encouraged by friends to share it, and was delighted when Tim Cahill came alongside to illustrate the thoughts of Joseph. Patti is the mother of three daughters and two sons, and the grandmother of three granddaughters and two grandsons. She loves to travel between the mountains and the desert and the ocean, enjoying family and all of God’s blessings to the fullest. Illustrator Bio: Tim Cahill started his career as an artist and toy designer, working for Tomy Toys and Applause, Inc. He transitioned to the world of animation co-writing and co-story editing several TV series with his wife, Julie, for Warner Brothers Animation. He co-created and was co-executive producer of My Gym Partner’s a Monkey for Cartoon Network and Littlest Pet Shop for Hasbro Studios. He’s also illustrated a series of storybooks for Warner Publishing as well as co-wrote several comic books for DC comics. He and his wife live in Toluca Lake, California.