Carmel's Christmas Wish

by Kathrin K. Vance


Book Details

A Camel and a boy join forces in a meditative Christmas adventure.

Sometimes, the most beautiful solution is not what you imagine it should be. Carmel the camel despairs of ever matching the achievements of his illustrious ancestor, the camel who carried a wise man to worship the King of Kings. At his lowest ebb, Carmel meets a boy with big problems of his own. As Carmel turns from his own worries to help the boy, he realizes that small gestures of kindness can be as large as the world.


About the Author

Kathrin K. Vance

Kay Vance inhabits a world of whimsy, imagination, and faith, a magical place where birds attend school, and camels celebrate Christmas. Her cuddly “critters” guide their humans like guardian angels, while keeping them amused and entertained. Fortunately she writes and paints this world to share. She and her muse Carmel the Camel are pleased to invite you into their story.



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