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Amazing words of Love, Hurt and Overcoming obstacles that touch your Heart and Soul

CN2MYI’s is a book of poetry. This poetry is designed to see through the eyes of love, hurt, relationships and overcoming obstacles for yourself. The book brings forth feelings that may not be spoken out loud but reflect the inner of self. It is a book to give awareness that there are others that have the same feelings as yourself. The creative words in this book reflects emotions you think and wish to say but may not. Thank you for your support and enjoy as you CN2MYI’s.


About the Author

V. Thomas

Valencia Thomas has enjoyed and written poetry since a teenager. Her poetry reflects emotions of herself and several others. The poetry culminates from listening to where people are in their mind and heart and she shows the feelings in creative writing. She has been publishing in a book called “The Peace to Come”, a collection of poems from poets around the world. She thanks and loves her son and family, here and afar, for support and encouragement!