by Vincent E. Bonazzoli


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Are you looking to create a customized, profitable, and sustainable maintenance program for your clients? If so, this book is a must-read.

Attorney Vincent Bonazzoli is not only a thought leader in estate and elder law but has created a customized client care program, with approximately 500 families and over a 90% annual renewal, that has generated recurring revenue while taking care of families in a unique and satisfying way. This book takes you on his 27-year journey to transform how estate planning services are delivered—to take care of the client and their family when it matters most. In the face of the growing push to commoditize estate and elder law planning services, Bonazzoli has found a pathway for attorneys who want to become trusted advisors to their clients and families, at the same time relieving the financial and cash flow burdens of operating a profitable law firm. This book creates a paradigm shift for the estate planning law firm and their clients and dismantles the dogmatic legal training, education, and social media propaganda that has turned estate and elder law planning into an impersonal transaction. It also shows how the only way to truly take care of the client and their families is to create—and maintain—a meaningful lifetime relationship with them.


About the Author

Vincent E. Bonazzoli

Attorney Vincent Bonazzoli is the owner and founder of the Family Estate Planning Law Group, and has created and implemented a successful client care program since 2001. His program ensures client families are cared for when a death occurs while also providing recurring revenue and a significant increase in the value of his business. After receiving numerous inquiries about how to create such a program, Vinnie founded The Client Care AcademyTM, training other estate planning and elder law firms on creating their own customized client care program. To date, the Academy has trained approximately 50 firms nationally. With the success realized by many of the firms in The Client Care AcademyTM he has now created the 5 to 500 Challenge designed to train an elite group of firms who seek to have hundreds on their own profitable and sustainable client care program. He looks forward to working with many more attorneys on their journey to provide the best care for their clients.