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“Let me go. My name is not Lily.

As four friends travel from Georgia to their final destination of Nashville, they wonder what their friend, who is already there, has for them to do during their visit. These lifelong friends love to laugh and have fun, so they can’t wait to begin their weekend of fun and frolic. What the fun-loving friends didn’t anticipate was a serial killer, who targets dark-haired women, being on the loose. After reading an article in the newspaper, they realize his last kill was in their home state of Georgia. It didn’t worry them too much, because what were the odds of him traveling to the city where they would be for the weekend, right?


About the Author

Sherry Walraven

Sherry Moss Walraven served as a middle school language arts teacher, administrator, and elementary school principal. She is an avid reader who honed her storytelling skills on her two sons and four grandchildren. Now retired, she lives in Calhoun, Georgia and has a love for God, family, friends, traveling, fun, and laughter.

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