Briars, Brambles, and Barbed Wire

by Kay Haggard Hock


Book Details

Finding happiness in a world surrounded by pricks.

Briars, Brambles, and Barbed Wire is a collection of short essays and stories - the often amusing observations, memories, and misadventures of a recently retired woman living in rural Central Texas. While it has a few more poignant and serious stories, most are prepared in first person with a heaping serving of self-deprecating humor and sharp sarcasm dipped in optimism. After years of crunching numbers in an office, the most immediate task is clearing the old family peanut farm of its briars, brambles, and rusty barbed wire. The time alone and mundane work offer an opportunity for reflections of the past, observations in the present, and anticipation of the future. “I postulate we are surrounded by an abundance of pricks; I have merely chosen to surround myself with pricks I can actually run over with a shredder!”


About the Author

Kay Haggard Hock

Kay Haggard Hock is the proud mother of two grown children. At a loss for direction after retirement, they reminded her she has no rhythm for dance, agility for yoga, voice for song, nor any real talents for cycling, gardening, cooking, painting, or sewing. They encouraged her to do what she does best - work alone and think about stuff. This collection is the result. They now advise she should consider part time employment at WalMart. Or Whataburger. Or both.