Breaking Strongholds

A Pathway to Your Deliverance

by Paul S. Thomas, Jr.


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Live An Abundant Life!

Now that you’ve accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, are you living an abundant life? Or are you still struggling with some of the same sins you committed before salvation? If your answer is “no” to the second question, this book is NOT for you. But if you answered “yes,” then get ready to receive your deliverance and start living an abundant life!

This book walks through a compelling straightforward, biblically principled approach to deliverance using what the author calls the “5 Rs Approach”.

Reveal, Repent, Rebuke, Renounce, and Receive

The “5 Rs Approach”  helps you engage in spiritual warfare by using God’s word, power, and authority that Jesus Christ has given you over the devil by the power of the Holy Spirit. You gain a greater understanding of how to break strongholds and generational curses and end the devil’s demonic influence over your life. Ultimately, you will learn how to surrender to God’s will by effectively resisting the devil as you discover your purpose and live a blessed life with Jesus!


About the Author

Paul S. Thomas, Jr.

Minister Paul S. Thomas, Jr. is a licensed and ordained minister. He served in various roles throughout his ministry. He has shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Africa, Europe, East, and West Asia. Minister Thomas served honorably for 30 years in the United States Air Force. He is married to his beautiful wife, Monica, and they have three wonderful children.