Mountain Dragon: Aspiration

A New Myth of the Enlightened Feminine

by Bradley Clemmons


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The first thing that hit them—and this was well before they reached the site of the caravan's encampment—was the stench. The smell of death was heavy in the air…

A dark, evil force, able to strike with overwhelming power has descended into the western deserts of the Middle Kingdom. With one blow he has shattered the political hopes of two great nations. One little child survives, a child who has the potential and who will one day have the strength to make all the warring factions of this region stop and take notice.

This riveting saga spans lifetimes, weaving spirituality, magic, and the bonds of love and karma. In this opening volume as we meet our heroine the reader is propelled with her on a journey of mastery and enlightenment.


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...Yogi Lama turned to the wall of the cave just behind him and to Dad-den's amazement thrust his hand into the solid rock and pulled out a book wrapped in yellow paper. He then pulled out another and another until he had pulled out nearly a dozen texts. She had heard stories of great terma masters, Revealers of Sacred Treasure Texts, who at auspicious times brought out ancient texts that had been hidden in statues, in rocks, even at the bottom of rivers and lakes. These Revealed Treasures were highly regarded, for they were original, uncorrupted, unedited editions used to revive lineages and traditions that had been lost or neglected over the centuries. However, she had never heard of anyone having his own personal library hidden in such a way...


About the Author

Bradley Clemmons

About the Author: Bradley Clemmons has been a student and lay practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism under the guidance of Khyabje Tarthang Tulku, Rinpoche, for over 35 years. He and his wife live in northern California.

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