Border Mountain Intrigue

A Young Girl's North Idaho Summer

by Isabel Huff


Book Details

Surprises are in store when a girl from San Francisco visits Grandma on the farm.

Madeleine, an independent and somewhat reclusive widow, lives on the Northern Idaho farm where she was raised as a free-spirited child. But her quiet summer will soon be happily interrupted when her granddaughter Sage comes to stay. A wise and resilient pre-teen, Sage is enchanted with the mountain landscape and eager to learn farm skills…and she is also determined to pull her grandmother out of her isolated lifestyle. But what should have been a pleasant time suddenly turns ominous when Madeleine’s late husband’s past surfaces. Madeleine had adjusted to her loss years earlier, but now she is haunted by questions Beal isn’t here to answer. Her home and livelihood are jeopardized as conspirators appear to be trying to acquire her property, and she is surprised by the attention of two men she had until then only thought of as friends. Not knowing who to trust, Madeleine and Sage must rely on their wits to uncover the dark truth amid the bright splendor of the mountain setting.


About the Author

Isabel Huff

Isabel Huff lives on her Northern Idaho farm near the Canadian border. After working side by side for many years with her husband on this homestead at the foot of a mountain, his childhood home, she is now widowed. A strong feeling for the land and a love of nature keep her in this rural setting, and she loves to share this legacy with her family and many friends.

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