Blood & Chocolate

A Kelly Bloodsworth Novel

by Vince Ferraro


Book Details


When the extremely wealthy founder of a major candy company dies, his last will and testament leaves everything to his two children, with a condition. They must compete in a complex challenge to earn their inheritance and it’s winner take all. Private Detective Kelly Bloodsworth gets involved when the game escalates into industrial espionage and murder. Kelly must overcome many obstacles as she tries to help an old friend get out of trouble while dealing with those that are prejudiced against her because she is openly a lesbian.


About the Author

Vince Ferraro

Vince Ferraro was a decorated police officer for 23 years in a major Southern California city. He was a patrol officer, a motorcycle traffic officer and a detective, investigating computer crimes. He retired to the country in Central Virginia where he lives with his wife, Sherri, reading, writing and taking photographs.