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Love, Danger, and Revolution in Colonial Haiti

Against the backdrop of colonial Haiti, an island whose beauty and rich resources sang an irresistible siren song to the French, a story of danger, intrigue, and romance unfolds. Plantation owner Sir Henry Beauchamp and his strong-willed, beautiful bride stake their claim, but although the island offers unimaginable wealth and adventure, its lush woods and verdant fields conceal a bloody underbelly. As the Beauchamps settle into colonial life, they are confronted by the hypocrisies and horrors of slavery, and masters who will stop at nothing to control the Negroes they own. But nothing is what it seems, and the veneer of elegance that disguises plantation life will crack and fall away to reveal shocking truths. The flames of passion will eventually kindle a destructive fire that will destroy the colony, making way for a new rule of justice. Imaginative and vivid, Ashes of Desire is a unique exploration of a time gone, but not forgotten.


About the Author

Mario Guerrier

Mario Guerrier is a lifelong writer who has always turned to the written word to express his feelings and observations. Ashes of Desire is his first novel, and he is proud to leave his legacy as a writer for his children to remember.