Angela's Angel

by Helene Essig & Victoria Perez


Book Details

Life Is Great When You Believe In Angels!

Angela's Angel is a heartwarming, spiritual story about how one girl's life is changed by a visit from her guardian angel. It doesn't seem like anything goes right in Angela's day. She sleeps late and misses breakfast. No one wants to sit next to her on the bus, her best friends are mad at her and when she returns home from school, she finds that her beloved pet hamster has died. After praying to God for help, Angela is visited by her guardian angel, Bubbles. Bubbles takes her back through her day via a flat screen TV that magically floats down from the ceiling. She shows Angela how, with a positive attitude and walking through life with God in her heart, her world will be blessed with peace and love.


Book Excerpt

Bubbles chuckled, she loved the way Angela's brain analyzed everything. "My dear child, every human has their own Guardian Angel. It doesn't matter who you are, or where you're from. God assigns you a personal angel, sometimes two or three! You see, sooner or later, you might need some sort of guidance.


About the Author

Helene Essig & Victoria Perez

After reflecting on how sad it is that God has been taken out of our public schools, Helene Essig and Victoria Perez were inspired to write a book that would bring Him and His angels into the everyday lives of young girls of every race or religion. Helene is a mother of two girls and eight grandchildren, while Victoria is a single mom raising two young girls. They are currently working on a sequel to Angela's Angel which will feature one of Angela's friends named Mary. Mary will have different obstacles to overcome but will be visited by the same angel.