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A Most Daunting Time is an epic tale of two families in the 1930s in the shadow of the Great Depression. Melvyn and Sally Bridges settled in Dodge City, Kansas, a mid-western town of renown, in 1919, and began farming. They farmed until the middle-’30s when the Dust Bowl rendered them penniless. Sally bore two sons and a daughter, the eldest of which, Mitchell, is a baseball player with remarkable skills and future ambitions. Charles Clark, an aristocratic oil tycoon, and his daughter, Holly, a “Belle of the South,” live in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and have lived quite well through the hardening times. But, fate has a way of evening out odds, and little did both families know they would be brought together in unforeseen circumstances.


About the Author

Robert Roach

Robert Roach lives in Central Oregon. After a stint of two years in the army, he became a court reporter and practiced his craft for thirty-plus years in the civil and criminal courts. He is retired and enjoys golf, fly-fishing, reading and traveling. He has published two novels, Seismic and Irish Lit.