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“What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas” is a humorous caricature of Sin City often laced with sexual innuendos that had thrust young lovers John and Sylvia headlong into this city of temptation.

"WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS, STAYS IN VEGAS" is a humorous caricature of Sin City often laced with sexual innuendos that had thrust headlong young lovers John and Sylvia into this city of temptation.

The “Poker Rush” was at its all time high at the World Series Tournament in Las Vegas. Its gazillion bright lights - a beacon to the downtrodden economy’s lofty hopefuls, whom were preyed upon by the sly James Foxwoods of the world! Just like the olden times of California’s Gold Rush, John perceived it to be a get-rich-quick life of luxury, not just for himself but more so, especially for his childhood sweetheart, Sylvia. Sadly, John learned the hard way what every savvy poker player was perfectly aware of; that being mathematically sound in poker was just part of the “equation” of a successful poker career. He soon discovered that it’s also a game ruled by emotions and random chance, and that sometimes the mathematically sound decision wasn’t necessarily the best one, especially if love is what’s at stake. Alas, the proverbial “House of Cards” on which their dreams were flimsy built on had finally fallen and crumbled, leaving in its wake a chaotic dusty trail of the telltale signs of shattered hopes and love gone awry.


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Ruby Dominguez

The Author, Ruby Dominguez is a multi Reader’s Favorite Awardee for her published books: “The Peruke Maker,” “Romancing The Claddagh,” and “It’s Over Michael, But...” Equipped with terrific writing style, she writes a contemporary American love story about how a young couple had escaped a blase existence in nowhere’s-ville town of Van Lear, Kentucky only for their dreams to go up in smoke in Sin City. The story speaks in a certain voice that allows the reader to identify and really interact with the characters.

"You do have terrific writing style, gripping. This is good!" By Lala (Japan)

“American Way” by Ruby Dominguez— Sin City | Reviews by Amos Lassen "Ruby Dominguez gives us quite a tale of Vegas here and this is one of those books that immediately pulls you and will not let go."