by William Thomson


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YES! The Bible predicts a war whose belligerents include Russia, Iran, and Israel.

The scriptures have a 75-day window for this event. This battle may affect the whole earth. Today, with the modern weapons man has at his disposal, he can easily accomplish all the destruction spoken of in chapters 6, 8 & 9 of the Book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ. All of today’s superpowers have intercontinental ballistic missiles that are able to reach potential enemies in less than 30 minutes. These missiles can carry many individual warheads that can cause mass destruction throughout the world. My challenge to the reader is to look at the material and see if the Bible does not point to this catastrophic event that may not be that far away. Are you ready?


About the Author

William Thomson

About the Author: William Thomson is a graduate of Pace University (BBA). He also attended Northeastern Bible College and has been a Bible teacher for over 60 years. He currently teaches two classes at Hawthorne Bible Church in New Jersey. He has been a volunteer lecturer at Word of Life Bible Conference for over 10 years and has conducted seminars in many churches, including Moody Bible Church in Chicago.