17 Hours

Tracking Down Our Runaway

by Diane M. Bassett


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No family is immune to the dangers of sex trafficking, as our family discovered on May 25th, 2015 when our daughter Sam jumped from her second-story window and disappeared into the dark. As we scrambled over the next 17 hours to discover what had led to her jumping, who was involved, where she was, and what we needed to do after finding her; we discovered a dark world operating in local parks, drawing in girls and putting them in a no-win position, until jumping out the window seems the best option for survival. Join us on our journey to save Sam in just 17 hours. Includes: Quick Tip Guide for anyone helping to locate a runaway child. Resources for those with runaway children.


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About the Author

Diane M. Bassett

Diane M. Bassett is a fierce child advocate from the Pacific NW with 2 biological children, 1 adopted child, 2 stepchildren, and many that just call her “Mom.” Diane earned her B.A. in Social Sciences from WSU-V, carrying top honors with a triple focus in Psychology, Sociology and Criminal Justice. Certified as a CASA, a former Truancy Board member, and with decades of child advocacy under her belt, Diane brings her unique perspective and training into her writings.



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