One Wacky Wasp

The Perfect Children's Book for Kids Ages 3-6 Who Are Learning To Read

by Brent Sampson


Book Details

An Awesome Adventure in Alliteration

What do two testy turtles, four feeble fish, and eight angry apes have in common? They all share in the joyous journey of one wacky wasp as she flies from her hive to the park and onward to the zoo before returning safely home. Along the way she meets an ever increasing number of funky frogs and trendy teenagers. One Wacky Wasp is the ideal learning aid for children aged 3-6 who are learning to count and learning to read. Sequential pages encourage children to match numerals with matching quantities of brightly illustrated animals while a very specific rhyming and alliteration scheme help beginning readers sound out new words with success (and fun!).


About the Author

Brent Sampson

Brent is a publishing president, a fabulous father, and the author of bestselling books. With One Wacky Wasp he brings together thirty years of writing, nine years of book publishing, and three years of teaching his adorable son how to read.

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