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"Outskirts Press was the perfect publisher for my book on Business Reorganizations. As a practicing attorney, I knew choosing the right publisher was very important." - Myles Alderman (Hartford, CT), author of Chapter 11: Business Reorganizations
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Introducing Gerhard Oberressl, author of Edelweiss Castle Monday, June 29, 2015, 5:00:45 PM | Outskirts Press

“I think, Outskirts Press is exactly what it’s lucid website suggests. Everything is neatly arranged and you only have to make the right decision and push the correct button. I’m very content that I clicked the right button and entrusted my book Edelweiss Castle to Outskirts Press and its efficient staff.”

About the author: I loved to spin a yarn and write it up in good style from my early schooldays on. When I had to change school at the age of eleven, the new teacher would not believe that I had written an essay all by myself. But I had also other ideas. So I earned degrees in engineering, English, mathematics and computer science from Universities in Zürich, Pretoria and Linz. I worked in industrial management and as a lecturer. Also during my working life, writing was always part of my scope. But I had to await my retirement, before I could dedicate myself to my first novel. When young, I would not have had much to tell, anyway.
The characters in my novel are respectable citizens, people like you and me. They have steady jobs or live otherwise their lives in ease and in well-ordered circumstances. Seven or eight families and different single persons are somehow entangled with each other or have contact points at least. Yet there is a murderer among them – or even two? When you read Edelweiss Castle you may get the impression that this is a new kind of murder mystery with three strange stories interwoven into one narrative. From chapter to chapter it is satisfying reading. As the story progresses, twists and turns become more frequent. My detective Etienne Friendly is not a self- important freak with obsessive features. He too is human like you and me. He has even a family and he has a hobby, his amateur theater. What distinguishes him is his training with the Mounties and with the Sûreté du Québec in Canada. His hero is Allan Pinkerton. His strong points are his shrewd and observant intelligence, his eye for detail, his conception of causal relation, his presence of mind, his tact, his obstinacy – and his sweet manners, if need be.

Introducing C. G. Roberts, author of The Road to Round Mountain Friday, June 26, 2015, 5:00:04 PM | Outskirts Press

“I can’t begin to thank Outskirts Press enough for all the help for taking the daunting task of an unpublished author and guiding me through the entire publishing process. Every step of the way was handled professionally and answered all of my questions quickly and honestly. My second book is halfway done and I definitely will be sending it to Outskirts Press. My hats off to a great outfit! Thanks again for helping my dream come true.”

C. G. Roberts is a first time author with two more books in progress. He is a member of Writers and Publishers on Amazon and with Book Promotions. He Lives in Gresham, Oregon with his wife and two sons.

Introducing J. Stewart, author of Brujo, The UFO Alien Wednesday, June 24, 2015, 5:00:46 PM | Outskirts Press

“I’m J Stewart, author of Brujo – the UFO Alien, the first in a sequel. My million thanks to Outskirt Press for making my three year project a book. The help and guidance was spot on through the entire publishing process, we look forward to our future books with Outskirt Press. So, in the words of my character Brujo, screath!”

J. Stewart, a life long storyteller sends you the first in a series of Brujo the lovable alien that escaped from the air force hanger to find “with love”. The writer has used himself as a child character named Robert from West Texas. So the stories are from a warm heart bound between the author, Robert and Brujo the alien, a real story with a maybe real alien.

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