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Help writers fulfill their dreams of getting published. By promoting Outskirts Press, you share in the financial success of every author you refer who signs a publishing contract with us.

Here's how it works:

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  • Review the agreement and receive your affiliate link
  • Place your affiliate link on your website or within your email newsletter or ezine.
  • Enhance your site with content your visitors will value.
  • Help them fulfill their dream of getting published!
  • When one of your visitors or readers clicks on your banner or link, your referring agent ID is recorded permanently during their visit to Outskirts Press.
  • When they complete their publication with Outskirts Press, your affiliate ID is attached to that book and you receive a 10% commission on their base publishing package.

If you participate in writer's groups, either on-line or off, use your affiliate link when referring authors to our site. This ensures you receive your commissions. We pay our affiliates quarterly when their commission equals $50 or higher. Be sure to complete the steps under the Get Paid link to receive payment.

Tips and suggestions:

  • Use a combination of links and banners
  • Be sure to include your link on all avenues possible (websites, emails, newsletters, ezines, writing groups, live chat, etc)
  • Check your stats and follow-up with your leads via email if their publication shows "No Activity" after a few months
  • Learn about our services so you can promote and sell effectively (read the free ebook inside your center titled Self-Publishing Simplified
  • Register your own domain name and "hide" your affiliate link by forwarding it from that domain name to us

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